Thursday, July 19, 2007

South Houston Showdown

Last Sunday evening Houston state Rep. Borris Miles encountered two thieves attempting to steal copper from the kitchen of his soon-to-be-finished home. One robber threw a knife at Miles; the Rep. shot him in the left leg with his concealed handgun.

What's ironic about this scenario is that Miles had recently voted against legislation expanding citizens' rights to defend their homes against intruders. Senate Bill 378 allowed for citizens to use immediate defense against those who illegally enter their homes without first having to flee attack - as previous legislation required. Gov. Rick Perry has already signed the bill into law; it will be effective September first.

The obvious irony in this article makes it an amusing read: while Miles may have voted against Bill 378, his hands-on demonstration of the necessity for citizens to be able to protect themselves against intruders only further supports this legislation. Although not all citizens are licensed to carry concealed handguns (as Miles is), one would hope that everyone would be permitted the ability to defend themselves likewise without fear of prosecution.

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